Fifty-Fifty Wall / HAY / 2020

The Fifty-Fifty Wall is a new lamp further extending the Fifty-Fifty collection of lights with Danish brand HAY. A generous wall mounted cantilever lamp that embodies a refined function and aesthetic, capable of reaching far out into a space, providing a controlled light to dine, work and live by. The lamps long reach is counter balanced with a steel weight, which slides gently up and down its wall mounted steel bracket when the height of the light source and arm are adjusted.

This lamp shares many of the same components and visual features of the floor and desktop Fifty-Fifty, but with a significantly more powerful output of light. Download a full specification, product fact sheet and respective photometric files for the Fifty-Fifty Wall light at HAY.

Materials / Aluminium / Steel / ABS / Nylon / TPE / Electronics (various)

Photography / HAY / Sam Weller

Video / Yellows