Snelson / AHEC / 2012

The Snelson stool is inspired by Kenneth Snelson’s sculptural works that are built around the principle of tensegrity, a name later coined by American polymath Buckminster Fuller, where components of a structure are held together by the continuous tension of binding string components. This design uses tension to hold together the rigid elements, which never touch one another.

This project was run in conjunction with Benchmark. Material was kindly provided by the American Hardwood Export Council. The Snelson Stool was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert museum in London during London Design Week 2012 as part of AHEC's 'Out of the Woods' project.

Materials / American Oak / Cherry / Walnut / Ash / Dyneema®

Photography / Petr Krejcí / Sam Weller

Video / americanhardwood